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For You Riddim Selassie 2021-.Final Dreams.jpg
 'For Real Riddim' 
 For real riddim by Otis Irie, was originally produced for JB Sellasie to accompany his lovely cover, and rendition of Dreams, by Fleetwood Mac, which was originally released in 1977 as a single from their "Rumours" album, Otis and JB enjoyed working together on this project, which eventually led to Otis writing and recording his own original version called "For Real"

Available for general release Monday 14th February 2022 on Itunes, Amazon and all leading digital stores and streaming services, this riddim has been kicking up a storm and receiving great feedback, whether played individually or back to back.

Also look out for more from JB Sellasie as we welcome him to our artist roster for 2022.
 'Hold Tight' 
Now available on Itunes, Amazon and all digital stores and services Ladies & Gents, after much demand, Otis Irie has decided to re-release one of his most popular tracks
"Hold You Tight".
This was a joint decision as we both feel the track has huge potential but this time around we feel we can promote and market the track in a way that's relevant to Otis as an artist in his own right with the right energy and karma around such a great song.
Written and produced by Otis, we have now entered "Hold You Tight" into the Stevie J Reggae Charts on Sting Dem Radio as well as a few more tricks up our sleeves to be revealed soon so watch this space and Hold Tight!
Errol Kennedy Image 2018.jpg
All You Need Is A "Lil'' Imagination
Urban Delight Ent. is thrilled to announce that we are actively working with Errol Kennedy, original member and co-founder of the band Imagination. This Soul/Funk band was formed in the early '80s and was possibly the most successful British band at that time. For the record, "Body Talk" peaked at number 4 in the UK singles charts and spent 18 weeks in the top 50.
"In And Out Of Love" and "Flashback" reached number 16  and their biggest hit "Just An Illusion went to number 2 in the UK. They had hits in 28 countries earning many platinum, gold, and silver discs in just 3 years. Imagination was so successful that their European Tour was a total sell-out. The band frequently appeared on Top of the Pops - the music show of the era that had a huge impact on the worldwide music scene.
Errol launched his DJ debut at Legends Nightclub in Gillingham, Dorset with a 70's & 80's themed event called "FLASHBACK"  Errol is closely working with the team as a Mentor as well as supporting us on various projects, and some great plans for 2021!
Winsome, Frederica, Computer Paul 2019.j
Frederica Tibbs and Winsome Moncrieffe-Mitchell with our Creative Director & Multi-Award-winning producer Paul Henton aka Computer Paul at his Boot Camp Studios Kingston Jamaica.
After a very successful performance at "Rock For A Cause" Every Child Matters at Oceans 11, Ochio Rios. The Urban Delight team are very excited about our first project, a banger of a riddim which is definitely gonna be a must-have for good music connoisseurs featuring our collective. 
2020 is going to be a very productive year for the team so watch this space!


Urban Delight Ents are excited and proud to be collaborating with Paul Henton aka Computer Paul as Creative Director (Reggae) for Urban Delight Ents. producing tracks for artists such as Buju Banton, Super Cat, Shabba Ranks, Beenie Man, Sizzla, Capleton, Akon & Shaggy, not forgetting the theme track for 'Cool Runnings' "I Can See Clearly Now" by Jimmy Cliff.
We are looking forward to seeing our talented collective amongst his latest credits, starting with Winsome Moncrieffe-Mitchell & Frederica Tibbs who visited his studios in Jamaica after there performance at "Rock For A Cause" in Ochi Rios, also lookout for some brand new fire from Norris B as we look to ' Turn It Up' for 2019/20.
Paul Henton 2019.jpg
Tribution Upload Image 2019.jpg
Steve can only be described 'as a real character,' having a huge passion for Garage music, (a designated Arsenal supporter,) and a boxing fan. In fact, the football factory was one of his favorite films. Specializing in UK Garage, House, Drum & Bass; under the name of, 'Tribution Productions'. Having been thru many trials in his life partly due to illness and subsequent hospital admissions, Steve deeply desired to have his tracks available worldwide. This was made possible when he came across Mark Matthew aka Mighty Mini. Mark played his song, 'Believe In You,' to Steve and it struck such an intensely personal chord within him, creating an instant bond. Steve went on to produce this inspirational track.
'Believe In You' debuted on Touch FM, Steve being a DJ for the station, Ironically this track was played by the BBC a few days prior Saturday 9th March. The reason for Steve and Mark's exceptional connection was due to the fact they both faced similar challenges within the industry. Thankfully Steve's final days where full of joy with 'Believe In You' scheduled for general release Friday 22nd of March and we had also given Steve and Mark the news they had been waiting for; a radio interview with Flex FM (101.4FM) to discuss the issues so dear to their hearts.
Steve was extremely excited and could hardly wait, singing "Skippy dippy do catch a star or two" from the song. This was a catalyst inspiring such an engaging project designed to reach a multitude of people which would, Steve felt, also take UK garage to new levels, Steve who was in full creative flow had already made future plans with the team which included more songs in the pipeline for Mark, other artists from the team as well as being commissioned to do a remix along with another of one of our producers of Errol Kennedy (Imagination) song,
'One In A Million.'
Being a "One In A Million, and a major loss to the team of which we express sincere condolences to all family and friends. Our greatest desire, by way of honoring Steve, is to see 'Believe In You' project to fruition, with the challenge of pushing the song into the National charts.  
Jaz Mckenzie.
Tribute 2 Tribution 2019.jpg
Team Urban Delight Ents rolled out this weekend, Saturday 19th October 2019 as we accompanied our very own Winsome Moncrieffe-Mitchell to The Praistek Gospel Music Awards after her recent nomination. After a brief interview on the red carpet, we sat down to a lovely 3-course meal whilst being entertained by background music and a pianist.
Now came the awards ceremony which was split into two sessions, us being in the latter which only added to the excitement and anticipation on the night until our moment. As the nominees were played out on the video screens, there was a brief pause then an eruption of noise from our table as Winsome won the award for best gospel reggae. What a great night had by all!
Winsome Praisetek 2 2019_edited.jpg
Urban Delight Ents welcome Cheryl Armatrading to the team as  Anti Knife & Gun Ambassador. After the murder of her son Antoin Akpom in 2013, another senseless killing due to knife crime. Cheryl is continuing his legacy as Managing Director of Antoin Akpom Achievements Foundation formerly Strive 4 Success which was founded by Antoin. Cheryl has held many very successful fundraising events and workshops spreading awareness, mentoring, inspiring, and rewarding our younger generation.
Sharing a joint interest in ideas & solutions which will make our streets safer for our children and the wider community we are working on action plans that will be presented in due course and look forward to having Cheryl on board supporting the team for 2020.


Cherly Armatrading 2019.jpg
Urban Delight Ents are very happy to welcome Bex Elmer and the Flex FM team on board who will be supporting Mark Matthew aka Mighty Mini in the Promotion & Marketing of their forthcoming single "Believe In You" produced by Steve Tribution Budd, his 1st official release for Urban Delight Ents. 
After discussing the song, the meaning, intentions, and vision behind this single, we are collectively very excited about this project which we feel has huge potential. Receiving great support from DJs and recently having been played on BBC Introduces, a planned radio interview and promotional campaign is pending and coming very soon for 2019/20 so watch this space!
Full blog coming soon courtesy of Jaz Mckenzie.
Flex FM 2019.jpg
Urban Delight Ents are excited to announce we will be working with Boot camp Records on some very exciting projects for 2019-2020!
We would tell you more but have decided to 'Exercise' our right to silence Mwah haha.
Full blog coming soon courtesy of Jaz Mckenzie.
BOOTCAMP LOGO News 2019.jpg
Urban Delight Ents are looking forward to releasing our first official UKG single
"Believe In You." A track which brings back that classic old skool, feel good sound. Produced by Steve Budd aka 'Tribution'  and featuring Mark Matthew aka Mighty Mini who enriches and compliments this catchy inspiring single. "Believe In You" will be available on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and all leading digital download stores
Friday 22nd March 2019 and we are also very excited to announce this single will be featured on BBC Introducing this Saturday 9th March.
Congratulations from all of the team!
Full blog coming soon courtesy of Jaz McKenzie.
Believe In You 2019 BBC.jpg.png
'Here Comes The Rootsman'


Burning a fire with a brand new conscious single "Rootsman", Abijah has proved once again it has been worth the wait. Produced by Blessed Morning Productions, "Rootsman" has been receiving great reviews and radio play worldwide and will soon be available on Itunes, Amazon and all leading digital download stores for 2019.



Abijah Urban Delight 2019.jpg
'Kribbar About To Ride The Waves'
Being self-confessed fans, we are proud and excited to welcome our good friends Kribbar to our collective of like-minded souls. With a pending new single
"Show Me More" from their forthcoming album "Riptide" due for general release 2019 alongside a brand new logo and official website, we believe this is the right time to work together and network as a team so watch out for some brand new videos & promotional gigs from Kribbar coming very soon.



Kribbar New 2019.jpg
'Madding Crowd & Proud'
Urban Delight Ents Larry aka G - Spice & Pete "MC" endorsing New Business!


We told you that we were looking for a brand new fresh and exciting challenge for 2019. We will be hosting a series of live music events at The Madding Crowd Bournemouth, a brand new music venue set in the heart of a bustling town center situated in the UK's best seaside resort with award-winning beaches just a few minutes away.  Featuring some of the finest acts from across the UK, we see this as a fantastic opportunity and look forward to working with the team at The Madding Crowd who are genuine, down to earth, like-minded music lovers. we look forward to making this venue the talk of the UK showcasing our future stars.
We are looking for artists who are interested in performing at Bournemouth's newest and most talked-about live music venue. , With in house pa system, back-line, engineer, and a piano for good measure, we include drinks and refreshments for the performers, showers on-site if you wanna freshen up.
Wanna be a part of this?
Contact the Urban Delight Team for more information!
Madding Crowd Laurie 2018.jpg
'Lifestyle Show' Ben TV is now officially our media partner


After many guest appearances by Urban Delight artists on the Lifestyle Show, an official partnership has now become well established. We believe this is an excellent move and a real 'win win' for both businesses. The show benefits from credible interviewees and exclusives which gives people who network with us a platform to share their passions and knowledge.

'Shining Stars'


Urban Delight Ents are looking forward to networking with Allison Mason founder of Shining Stars. We look forward to working on a few exciting collaborations and projects in the very near future - so watch this space!



Hi Commissioner!


Urban Delight Ents. Macky McPherson meets His Excellency Mr. Seth George Ramocan, Jamaica's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom to discuss music mentoring and more. With further meetings planned for 2019, watch this space for some very exciting projects.

Commisioner & Macky 2018.jpg
After taking on Legends Nightclub Dorset in August of 2017, which was one of our biggest venue challenges to date, Urban Delight Ents. have decided that it's time to part company and look for a fresh new challenge for 2018.
The Dream Team trio;  Macky McPherson, Laz Spice, and Debbie Batten's Initial objective was to preserve the club's license and improve the look and image of the club with a mini refurbishment, major clean up operation, including new security & bar staff. We adopted an all hands on deck approach, which was great fun and enabled us to bond with a brand new team, who did an excellent job in helping us improve the club's reputation. Working with an extremely limited budget was very difficult and very testing at times, however, the goals were achieved with great results under the circumstances and the friends we met along the way were a bonus. The Dorset community was very helpful in providing information on the club's previous history as well as pointing out the daunting task that laid ahead.
"I really didn't think we would be here as long as this, initially we were only expected to steady the ship for a few months until the New Year,"  said Macky.
This appointment was like The Bar Rescuer meets Hell's Kitchen, The Hotel Inspector, and The Apprentice all wrapped into one, with a minimal budget but yet again, a job well done!
I guess that makes us "Legends" who'll soon be coming to a venue near you!



Always up for a challenge, Urban Delight Ents. took over management of struggling Dorset nightclub, 'Legends.' in August 2017 on a short term arrangement. The highly resourceful trio Macky McPherson, Debbie Batten, and Laz Spice have given the club a total overhaul and introduced events for youngsters and clubbers of all ages. The aim is to make a huge impact in the area as 'Legends' grows in popularity.  The club is currently featuring a mix of DJs and live acts, with more ideas in the pipeline.



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