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Norris ‘Outta di Box’ B is a highly versatile singer known primarily for his Lover’s Rock and Roots Reggae.

Norris was born ‘Hopeton Brown,’ into a family of 21 children, in Kingston, Jamaica. Later young Hopeton moved to St Catherine’s to live with his Grandmother who chose to call him Norris.

Whilst with his Grandmother, Norris continued to live in a large family unit with Reggae music being a vocal point brought directly to Norris by his cousin Danny Murray, sound technician and builder of sound systems. Whilst very young, Norris joined Danny in evening jam sessions and as he grew older was directly influenced by the singers he associated with including Luciano, Admiral Tibet, Selector Barclay, Junior Reid and Andrew Bees (Black Uhuru) and many, many, more. Through these associations, Frankie Junior decided to closely mentor Norris, developing his vocal techniques and distinctive singing style. Sadly, Frankie Junior died in an execution style killing by soldiers in 2001. This was a horrendous occurrence which shocked Norris to the core. The only upside was that it increased his drive to record and perform, frequently in memory of Frankie.

Once Norris began singing regularly, his music was soon to be heard playing on sound systems across Jamaica. Norris produced a mix of popular cover versions including songs by some of his favorite musical influences, Beres Hammond, Dennis Brown, Richie Stevens, and surprisingly, Luther Vandross and James Ingram. At the same time, Norris followed his first love, creating his own unique material with striking lyrics that he integrated into his catalog.

In 1999, Norris was invited to the UK and moved to London, quickly circulating the music scene. He recorded unreleased single, ‘Sexy Lady,’ with producer High Grade in Finsbury Park. Norris moved to Bristol, 2004, where he recorded a promotional single, ‘Rise Up’ released by Rasband. 2005, U.S.P. Records released Norris’ first official single Jah Jah Love, followed by the song’s YouTube video.

Norris B has established credentials as a support artist to huge names including Maxi Priest, Beres Hammond, Ken Booth, Toni Curtis, Alton Ellis, Sandra Cross, John Holt, Bounty Killer, Movado, Wayne Marshall, Frankie Paul, Jimmy Riley, Lukie D, and Black Uhuru. Norris is a natural performer and genuine person with a huge, engaging smile! His musical collaborations include: Andrew Bees, Jah Garvey, Texas Lion Face, Tall Rich, Black Out JA, and Splitz P. Norris recorded, ‘Ghetto Youths Rise Up,’ with his younger brother Beres Brown, in Jamaica, released 2015 by Beyeaman Productions, Poland. Whilst in Jamaica he also recorded, ‘Wonderful World,’ collaborating with Ilype Life and Ras Tall, released by Future Entertainment on iTunes.

2020 will see the release of Norris B’s debut album, produced at Dadaras Studio, Bristol, by Yam & Banana Productions, released by Urban Delight Entertainment. This eclectic mix of Lovers Rock, Roots Reggae and Dancehall is ‘out of the box’ and showcases Norris’ chocolate smooth voice and multiple talents, leaving him set to make his mark with Reggae Lover’s worldwide.

Bio Produced by Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician.


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